MG Industries-Erie, Inc.

2951 Mechanic Street
Lake City, PA  16423

Phone: (814) 774-4786
FAX: (814) 774-4832
Cell: (814) 806-6826




MG Industries-Erie, Inc. is a leading source of PVC powder coatings based in Erie, PA. We are a family owned business and have over 45 years experience in the PVC coatings market. Our business has state-of-the-art  equipment, as well as employees that have over 60 years of experience in the powdered PVC coatings industry. We feature premium PVC coatings and primers at competitive prices.

MG Industries-Erie, Inc. delivers PVC coatings that meet all ASTM, DOT and customer specifications for opacity, tensile, tear and elongation. Tensile, tear and elongation criteria are extremely critical for chain link fencing and other wire fabricated coating applications.

We promise that as a valued customer you will have absolutely the best products, delivery and customer service in the industry. We will stand behind our products 100% and be a supplier you can trust to stand behind you as a manufacturer.



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