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MG Industries-Erie, Inc. offers the following fluid bed PVC powders, which would be dependent on the end use of the coated items.

  • MGI-RV: this is a high volatility formulation that is used primarily as a basic PVC coating powder. This formulation can be used for general purpose coatings for items that would be used indoors of very limited outdoor usage.
  • MGI-LS: is a very low volatility formulation that gives off very little volatiles during the coating process.
  • MGI-FW: a PVC powder that is used primarily in the fencing industry on fusion bonded coating lines, this material can also be used to coat pipe, top rails, and fittings used in the fence industry. This formula is UV stabilized as well.
  • MGI-LS-Self-Adhering: a low volatile fluid bed coating powder that has enhanced bonding or if the substrate is properly cleaned it will bond without the use of any type of primer.
  • MGI-FW-Self-Adhering: a higher volatility formulation that is used for wire strand, pipe, tubing and fittings used in the fence industry. All formulations used for fencing applications are UV stabilized for additional protection. It is also recommended that either a water or solvent based primer be used. Unless the substrate to be coated is completely chemically clean.
  • MGI-RV-FD: a higher volatility formula that is used for applications that require FDA sanctioned ingredients be used for indirect food contact, and other FDA NSF requirements.
  • MGI-LS-FD: the low volatile formulation version using FDA & NSF sanctioned ingredients for indirect food contact and other FDA and NSF requirements.

All though we do have several standard colors available, through our experience we've found that custom color matching to either a commercial color standard, or a previously coated part with the color that is to be color matched.


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